Benefacto is revolutionising Employee Volunteering

We are a social enterprise with the sole aim of increasing the contribution of professional people to the community

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“Without Benefacto volunteers we’d struggle to support our client group”

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“A really a fantastic service: so easy to sign up to volunteer!”

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“Benefacto has allowed more people to volunteer more often”

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Benefacto supports its charity partners by enlisting employee volunteers who are enthusiastic, skilled and easily applied

Benefacto Example Charities - Left
Benefacto Example Charities - Right

We work with small – local – charities

Benefacto organises employee volunteering for twenty-five small, community-focused, charities in London.

Many have been squeezed by recession – fewer resources and more service users.

We enlist energetic, skilled and easy-to-apply employee volunteers to support their service delivery.

Providing valuable support to maximise the value of their employee volunteers

  • Enlisting individuals or manageable-sized employee volunteering groups to support their service delivery
  • Taking out the admin associated with employee volunteering – we do the leg work!
  • Providing a link to the professional world – some of our volunteers have offered on-going support (e.g. becoming trustees)

Ensuring employee volunteering adds value to the service delivered

  • 100% agreed our volunteers are keen to get involved
  • 100% agreed our volunteers are helpful and easy to put to work
  • 100% agreed our volunteers engage well with service users and existing volunteers

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But don’t just take our word for it

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The employee volunteers from Benefacto provide Suited & Booted with so much valuable support

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For professionals, Benefacto is an easy way to find and book exciting and fulfilling short-term employee volunteering opportunities in the community

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Booking employee volunteering through Benefacto is easy

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There are lots of good reasons to volunteer

Reason 1:

You’re hot property

As a professional your skills are valuable to small charities and their service users. Sometimes this is transferring ‘hard skills’ – helping write a CV or provide IT support perhaps. In other cases while employee volunteering just your presence can help reduce isolation.

Reason 2:

You’ll love it

Employee volunteers have been overwhelmingly positive about helping out on the front-line and working with service users. 97% of the volunteers from our recent survey said they found employee volunteering fulfilling, and 72% said they had gained work-related skills.

Reason 3:

You’ve got the time

Your employer provides you with paid time off to complete employee volunteering because they value the opportunity it provides for you to gain new skills and build new perspectives. If you haven’t already, maybe it is the time to take them up on the offer and become an employee volunteer!

If you need any inspiration, click on a picture below to hear from previous employeee volunteers



Three-quarters of firms offer employee volunteering, but workforce uptake is often less than 20% – Benefacto helps engage employees

Engaging a workforce in employee volunteering is hard! How Benefacto helps.


Providing choice

To really engage people, you need to present them with a choice of employee volunteering options – a choice of cause, charity and the capacity within which to support.

Benefacto provides a wide enough choice to pique the interest of any would-be employee volunteer, without it being overwhelming.


Offering flexibility

One of the most frequently used excuses not to volunteer is ‘I haven’t got the time’. Benefacto allows booking employee volunteering at short notice – perfect for when a busy piece of work comes to an end, or when your boss goes on holiday!

Benefacto is often used by professional services firms for employee volunteering between projects – it is a great way to donate down-time to the community!


Reducing friction

Sometimes even the most determined would-be volunteer will be put off by the process of finding a suitable opportunity and booking it in.

The Benefacto system – where volunteers can book through the website – gives would-be employee volunteers absolutely no excuse not to get involved.

Our role is to support our corporate partners

Reducing the Burden

Reducing the burden: We work directly with volunteers, respond to queries, process bookings and even do the reporting – so our corporate partners can concentrate on the strategic stuff.

Providing insight

Providing insights and best practice: Our experience working with a cross-section of corporate firms means we know what works well and what doesn’t when engaging people in employee volunteering. We’ve built up quite the armoury!

Practical Support

Offering practical support: Benefacto works best when we work closely with CSR teams to market it – produce marketing material, present at events etc.

Hear it from Carmen at AECOM, one of Benefacto’s corporate partners

60 Second Interview

Why is community involvement important to AECOM?

As a global organisation we want to ensure that we support the communities where we live and work.

We have a skilled workforce who we support to make a positive impact on local community groups.

Our aim is to make a positive difference for our people, our stakeholders, our communities and the environment.

What do you think the key challenges are when engaging staff in the community?

Finding organisations to work with is, surprisingly, a big challenge. We need a variety of activities which will appeal to the broad skills and interests of our people. Supporting smaller groups is also important for us.

How has Benefacto helped resolve these?

By presenting an easy to use website, which allows people to find the right volunteering opportunity, manage themselves and take responsibility for their volunteering commitment.

As Benefacto works with multiple corporate firms they bring lots of insight and ideas into what works and what doesn’t work when getting employees engaged with volunteering. This has included provding a lot of practical support too – from presenting at team meetings to visiting volunteers and collecting case studies to producing marketing videos and printed materials.

How did you launch the initiative?

With a series of campaigns: including posters, intranet announcements, social media, television-screens in cafes, leaflets, etc. A launch event we ‘camped out’ in our cafe over the lunchtime period encouraging people to sign up to the mailing list.

How do you see your partnership with Benefacto progressing?

We have signed up for the next year and hope to continue the momentum. We hope that in time, we can introduce Benefacto to other Regions.

Would you recommend Benefacto to other organisations?

Definitely – and I have!

What advice would you give to someone just starting an employee volunteering scheme?

  • Make sure you have a clear policy so people know what they can/can’t do
  • Have a variety of options for people to choose from
  • Make the process easy for them to manage themselves so it doesn’t become a logistical nightmare for you
  • Share the stories post event to encourage involvement
  • Use Benefacto!

Carmen Harris is the CSR Manager for AECOM, a global Architecture and Engineering firm.