Abbey Gardens

Help to maintain a community garden in Stratford

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Tue (13:00 -15:00) & Thu (15:00 - 19:00)

Up to 4 volunteers needed

Who will I help?

As one of the only two remaining Ancient Monuments in the borough of Newham, the abandoned site was saved from vandalism and neglect.

Abbey Gardens is an open-access harvest garden in Statford that welcomes members of the community to join them in helping to maintain the garden. The garden has not only helped to build a stronger sense of community but has provided locals with an appreciation for nature and locally grown food.

All of the left over produce grown is accessible to the community and displayed on the Honesty Stall.

How will I help?

Volunteer at Abbey Gardens to get outdoors and learn new gardening skills in a warm and friendly environment.

You may find yourself helping out with:

• Pruning, weeding and planting
• Watering plants
• Organising the greenhouse and clearing the shed.

You will be volunteering alongside the garden club leader and members of the local community who enjoy pottering around the garden.


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