Share your skills and help 16-18 year old students get ready for their career

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Tue (8:30 - 15:00)

Up to 15 volunteers needed

How am I needed?

Access Aspiration is a fantastic charity working to increase access to employability training and work placements for young people. They work with a wide range of schools in London to help 16-18 year olds develop the skills and networks to get into work.

As a volunteer, you will:
• Form an interview panel with one or two other volunteers
• Interview between 16 and 24 students over the day
• Give friendly feedback based on criteria set by the charity

This is an extremely valuable and exciting experience for the students – your help will be a great opportunity to share your skills and help them reach their aspirations!

Note: Times may be subject to changes - Expect a full school-day of volunteering and you’ll be updated on times and possible changes a week in advance of your volunteering day.


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