Ashford Place: De-Café

Join this interactive and engaging support group for anyone affected by Dementia in Cricklewood

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Tue (13:00 - 16:00)

Up to 2 volunteers needed

Who will I help?

Ashford Place is an inspiring charity that is leading the way in tackling barriers to community cohesion in Cricklewood. They offer a broad range of skills, services, activities and advice to homeless people and the community at large.

They facilitate positive change and encourage inclusion and independence to all service users.

How will I help?

Ashford Place's De-Cafe is a vibrant and interactive session, bringing together members from across the local community. Its a drop-in session for people affected by memory loss, dementina or forgetfulness and the sessions are usually creative, active and arts-based - you're guaranteed to have a blast!

You're likely to find yourself:

• Joining in with organised activities (eg. flower arranging workshops and dance classes)
• Supporting staff in delivering workshops
• Chatting with service users and engaging them in activities


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