Hackney Employability Club

Provide employability skills and advice to over 50's in Hackney

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Wed (14:00 - 17:00) & Fri (10:00 - 13:00) or (14:00 - 17:00)

Up to 2 volunteers needed

Who will I help?

Older jobseekers face a number of barriers when looking to get back into work.

Hackney Employability Club is a new project managed by Age UK – for Hackney residents aged over 50 and who have not retired –still in the job market, still updating their CV.

This project has been set up to support over 50’s update a range of skills and help to raise their awareness and understanding of what employers are looking for.

How will I help?

Volunteer at Hackney Employability Club to help support and build the confidence of older people looking to get back into employment.

Wednesday Afternoon Short Courses/Workshops - You may find yourself:
• Supporting sessions focusing on up-to-date digital awareness and workplace practises
• Offering encouragement and 1:1 support to guests
• Re-explaining digital terminology to older people

Friday All Day Drop-In - You may find yourself helping out with:
• Supporting visitors with their job search and CV
• Providing digital support and guidance
• Answering queries around professional work place and expectations

An excellent opportunity to share your skills you take for granted and open up peoples’ worlds.


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