Arts for All: Kids’ Club

Bring colour and inspiration to friendly after-school arts sessions for local children

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Tue & Wed (15:00 - 17:30)

Up to 3 volunteers needed

Who will I help?

How did you deal with your problems when you were 10 years old?

The Kids' Club helps disadvantaged young people express and develop themselves through art. It is a happy and colourful after-school project that encourages young people to tackle the difficulties they encounter in a constructive and creative way.

This wonderful happy place shows how important imagination and creative play are for children to explore their talents.

How will I help?

Help young people, aged 5 to 16, to develop their skills and tackle the chaotic aspects of their lives at this happy and creative safe space. You'll support the kids in building confidence, making new friends and setting new goals for themselves.

As a volunteer, you're likely to find yourself:

• Assisting the art tutor in providing guidance to the kids, while allowing them to be children
• Getting your van Gogh on and sharing your inspiration and enthusiasm
• Setting up the room and replenishing materials

You'll be part of a wonderful project that encourages young children to reach their full potential.


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