Roots and Shoots

Support an educationally valuable and biodiverse open space in Central London

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Fri (10:00-16:00)

Up to 6 volunteers needed

Who will I help?

Where did you learn about the marvels and value of nature when you were young?

Kennington based Roots and Shoots provide vocational training for young people from the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. They maintain a beautiful half-acre wildlife garden, to the delight of local residents, while developing valuable skills and building confidence. Next to its educational impact, this unique open space in Central London preserves biodiversity by offering a secluded haven for birds, insects and amphibians.

How will I help?

Your volunteering work at Roots and Shoots will be a real workout in the gardens. You'll help maintain a beautiful green space of immense educational value for young people in the area. The gardens, barn, greenhouses, raised beds and learning centre require a wide variety of maintenance tasks.

You're likely to find yourself:

• Removing overgrowth
• Weeding, planting, seeding and maintaining paths and walkways
• Repairing and painting things around the site

This is a great opportunity for a small team to spend a rewarding day of hard work outdoors.


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