The Bike Project

Build and repair bikes alongside asylum seekers in Southwark

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Thu (17:00 - 20:00)

2 Volunteers needed

Who will I help?

Bikes are a great tool to help asylum seekers access opportunities and integrate into life in London.

Without bikes, it’s unlikely asylum seekers would be able to access employment opportunities, as public transport is pricey and for those going through the legal process, they’re only able to access £36 a week on benefits.

The Bike Project helps to repair and build second-hand bikes that are then donated to asylum seekers for their own use.

How will I help?

Volunteering at The Bike Project doesn’t require any experience or prior knowledge of working or fixing bikes!

You may find yourself helping out with:
• Supporting asylum seekers and refugees to repair bikes
• Working alongside mechanics to help build bikes
• Interacting with asylum seekers

Your volunteering support will help to remove communication barriers and instill confidence in asylum seekers in taking the next steps in integrating into society.


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