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Benefacto helps companies develop meaningful corporate volunteering programs

Volunteer feedback statistics in September 2017:

volunteer would recommend


would recommend the charity to a friend

volunteer made a difference


felt they had made a difference

volunteer thought Benefacto was easy


said Benefacto made volunteering easy

volunteer felt they improved their skills


developed their work related skills

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valued the chance to volunteer in work time

Benefacto gives Employee Volunteers instant access to dozens of charities in Manchester and London

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{ Volunteer at food banks, older people's centres, employability clinics, parks, bike projects and many more! }

Booking is friction-free: volunteers can 'checkout' in less than one minute

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{ We work closely with each charity to make sure every shift is meaningful, interesting and runs like clockwork }

Benefacto supports you to boost participation amongst your colleagues

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You'll have a dedicated volunteering specialist who will collaborate with you to shape a strategy that fits, build a communications plan and mentor you throughout your membership.

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Whatever you need to get the message out, we'll tailor you a fantastic array of promotional materials to help boost volunteering at your company. We can even come down and help drum up business!

volunteering strategy

Celebrate your corporate volunteering success with insights from Benefacto's Data Dashboard. Our real-time volunteering information tells the story of your community investment and impact reporting.

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How do we work with Charities?

we research charities

We look for charities where short-term corporate volunteers can make a meaningful contribution to their work

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We work with them to identify regular shifts were corporate volunteers can slot in and help with service delivery

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we upload volunteering opportunties

We collect public liability information, do risk analysis and get charities listed on the site

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We maintain a close relationship with each charity to make sure everyone is happy and getting the most out of the relationship

we find ways for volunteers to help

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If you're a registered charity based in London and you think regular, short-term volunteers could help

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