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Help during the COVID-19 pandemic

We're working with our community partners to develop ways to effectively support them during social distancing. Book a call with us to find out more.

How we can help you

Benefacto can help your company develop meaningful volunteering programmes in London, Leeds and Manchester. A Benefacto membership gives you and your colleagues access to our volunteering booking portal, VolunteerHub, alongside strategic support to help you run your volunteering programme.

Book volunteering through VolunteerHub

Strategic support

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Account Manager

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will help you shape a strategy that fits, build a communications plan and provide on-going support throughout your membership


We have a resource library of promotional materials ready to help you get the message out about volunteering at your company

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On-site Visits

We can come and help promote volunteering in your office through presentations or setting up a Benefacto stall (also known as a 'Canteen Campout')

Recording & Reporting

Benefacto’s DataHub records where your colleagues are volunteering and creates graphs which help you communicate and celebrate your programme

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Sound promising?

To bring your vision for volunteering to life, let's start by having a conversation about exactly what you're looking for.

Analyse, benchmark & celebrate your giving

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GivX is a free, simple and confidential tool to analyse, benchmark and celebrate your company’s community investment. Enter six data points around volunteering and donations to calculate your annual GivX score. This score, and your performance for each of the six giving types, can be used to benchmark against companies similar to yours.

Visit the GivX website for more information


Visit Benefacto’s KnowledgeHub for useful articles, case studies and downloadable templates for employee volunteering

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Contact us to find out how Benefacto helps companies run volunteering programmes

Company Membership

Latest Developments

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