AECOM’s Derwin Parkin supports job-searches at STORM Empowerment

Linz Darlington | 11 November 14

I volunteered for the day at STORM Empowerment (Support Trust Opportunity Rebuilding Motivation) in Battersea, a charity that empowers those who have had limited exposure to education/training and opportunities in the work force to change their lives.

They have become a beacon in the community (on this day they were taking a group of local children on a swimming excursion), and their weekly job centre helps jobseekers with difficult backgrounds create and optimise CVs, enrol in courses, write applications and prepare for interviews. I helped out with this and spent most of the time with a woman who has lost a lot of confidence after being out of work for four years while caring for her late mother, and who had an interview lined-up.

Seeing her confidence improve throughout the day was very rewarding, and I was very glad to be involved!

Derwin Perkin, AECOM volunteer for Storm Empowerment

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Linz Darlington was inspired to start Benefacto when he worked as a management consultant for Accenture. With three paid days off a year to spend volunteering, he had a tough time choosing a local charity where his skills could make a real impact. These days he spends his life matching talented professionals with amazing charities. Contact Linz via

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