Antoine from AECOM supporting the homeless in Holborn

Linz Darlington | 4 March 15

Why did you pick AMURT?

From searching the wide range of charities Benefacto had to offer, I was very interested to join up with AMURT and help feed the homeless. I simply think it is amazing what they are doing for over a number of years. What was very interesting to me was that they have a number of feeding programmes in various countries around the world.

Was the opportunity what you were expecting?

As a whole the day was what I expected with a few surprises. On the day itself I was greeted by the committee, as if they’ve known me for years. I felt welcomed within the team and I settled in perfectly.

Did you learn anything?

I learnt how the charity successfully operates and they always looks for ways to continue to improve the service for the homeless. For a volunteer to give up their time to help or a donator to provide food is very much appreciated by the committee and the homeless.

What was the best bit about volunteering?

I was delighted to see the joy on some of the homeless people’s faces. They were very thankful and some of the conversations I had with them were great. While we were serving the homeless, one of the members decided to play the guitar for the crowd, which I thought was amazing and one the homeless deciding to create song, which for me was a nice touch.

“I would volunteer again with AMURT. I’ve made great friends within the committee and I
enjoyed the day”

Would you recommend volunteering to others and why?

I’ve already recommended the charity to a few of my friends and we are looking to join up sooner than later. I would recommend to all and anyone who has the desire to help another person in need.

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Linz Darlington was inspired to start Benefacto when he worked as a management consultant for Accenture. With three paid days off a year to spend volunteering, he had a tough time choosing a local charity where his skills could make a real impact. These days he spends his life matching talented professionals with amazing charities. Contact Linz via

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