Big Groups

Big-Group Volunteering

If you’re reading this you’ve probably in the process of organising group volunteering for 10, 20 or even 50 people.

We can help (see below!) but will encourage you to split your team.

Why are big teams a problem?

The resounding feedback from London charities is that big groups are more of a burden than a benefit.

Think about it this way: If one, two or even a small group of willing helpers arrived at your office for the day you could find them something useful to do, right? Complete research, update your website or even clean the office fridge.

What about a group of 20? Probably not.

It is the same for charities – they’re so busy delivering their services that the preparation, supervision and clear-up associated with ‘laying on’ volunteering for your team will be a bit of a distraction.

Still not convinced? Find more thoughts on the subject.

We still want to engage a big group – what can we do?

To cater for big groups, we’ve perfected a model where we work with multiple charities on the same day. We brief the volunteers together and reconvene back at the corporate office for a debrief and a few beers after.

This keeps it valuable for the charities and meaningful for the volunteers.

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Alternatively, go back to our group opportunities. We can organise great things for individuals, pairs and smaller teams.