Download the CSR Reporting Spreadsheet

  • Easily track and communicate the value your organisation is adding to the community
  • Use Benefacto’s simple framework for categorising volunteering and financial donations to record all of your community investment
  • Calculate the total values of each of your giving categories
  • Use your total values to find out the pound equivalent of what you gave to the community, calculated by GivX

How to use this document

You can log all your financial donations in the “Donations” tab including cash, in-kind, and fundraising, while hours logged for volunteering go in the “Volunteering” tab.

Donations page of the data recording template

Your community investment results can be viewed in the “Output” tab, which displays the total amounts donated and total hours volunteered.

Output page of the data recording spreadsheet

Use this data to analyse, benchmark and celebrate your community investment for free through GivX. If you use the CSR spreadsheet, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to enter.

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