CSR Reporting Spreadsheet Guidance Tab

Download the CSR Reporting Spreadsheet

Linz Darlington | 12 February 18
  • Record all of your community investment, financial or otherwise
  • Calculate the total values of each of your giving categories
  • Calculate total Community Value by submitting your data to GivX

Download the CSR Reporting Spreadsheet by filling the form below.

You can log all your financial donations in the “Donations” tab including cash and in-kind donations and employee and customer fundraising, while hours logged for employee volunteer goes in the “Volunteering” tab.

Donations page of the data recording template


Your community investment results can be viewed in the “Output” tab, which displays the total amounts donated and total hours volunteered.

Output page of the data recording spreadsheet


You can learn more about the impact of your CSR strategy on our Impact section of the KnowledgeHub.


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