Key Principles of Employee Volunteering

Key Principles of Employee Volunteering

Doug Chang | 5 April 17

Devising and implementing an employee volunteering programme can be a daunting task. To help and guide you along the way, Benefacto have launched the Little Book of Employee Volunteering.

The Eight Principles of Employee Volunteering:

  1. Listen to your charities, their communities and your staff
  2. Understand your limitations, particularly in terms of the time and money you can commit to a programme
  3. Strive for the right balance between planning and doing
  4. Empower your colleagues
  5. Be the most familiar face in the building
  6. Grab your colleagues’ attention
  7. Tell great stories
  8. Record and reflect

Whilst practicalities are important, the real key to the impact, employee participation and long-term sustainability of your initiative is to be clear about your principles.
The Little Book of Employee Volunteering contains the eight golden rules which we believe to be the essence of successful employee volunteering.
Staying true to these principals will help you:

  • Design a programme that fits for everyone in the office
  • Spread the word about the programme to engage as many people as possible
  • Measure the programme’s impact in a meaningful way so you can celebrate its success

Volunteering programmes change all the time. Your programme will develop and evolve as you discover which approaches work well for your organisation. We want you to be able to refer back to the Little Book of Employee Volunteering to make sure that even when your approaches vary, your employee volunteering principals remain constant.

Check out the online version of the Little Book of Employee Volunteering.

If you want to keep the Little Book of Employee Volunteering forever, you can download it by filling out the form below!

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