To engage your staff in employee volunteering, its crucial that your company culture recognises the value of volunteering.

How to Make a Business Case for Employee Volunteering:

  1. Understand if employee volunteering can help meet some of the key concerns within your business
  2. Calculate employee volunteering costs or use our calculator
  3. Make a case for your policy’s return on investment
  4. Focus on where employee volunteering’s benefits can improve your culture
  5. Collect case studies and examples from other businesses in your field
  6. Present the benefits and costs to senior management
  7. Download the Employee Volunteering Presentation Template to help convey a business case for volunteering

A customisable presentation template of this article available to download here.

We hope the employee volunteering business case below will form the foundation on which you’ll build and maintain a culture of giving within your organisation.

Attracting and Retaining Staff

A visible CSR programme is increasingly important when recruiting – particularly for new grads as the jobs market improves. In the MGSM-PRME report, 50.2% would sacrifice 20% of their initial financial benefit for a job that has a social or environmental benefit.

  • 89% of employees believe that companies who sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those who do not, according to a Deloitte survey
  • 64% of millennials won’t take a job if a potential employer doesn’t have strong CSR practices, as found in a Cone Communications study
  • Social mobility is becoming increasingly important and talked about. Volunteering showcases your industry sector and firm to sections of the community which may otherwise be unreached by recruitment activities.

Engaging your Workforce

Few will dispute the value of employee engagement. The benefits observed by the Acheivers are a workforce who are dedicated, absorbed in their tasks and are energetic with their work effort. The link to employee volunteering is clear:

  • Engaged staff outperform by 17% on sales, are 20% more productive and generate 21% more profit, according to a Gallup study
  • %13 are happier than their non-volunteering peers, a Neighbourly survey says

Developing Skills

Recent estimates is that upwards of £300 (or 1.5% of salary) are spent on employee learning and development each year.

Employee volunteering is an alternative way to developing hard and soft staff skills ranging from communication and teamwork to confidence and empathy.

  • Covestro reported that the majority of executives (83%) felt volunteering enhanced skills
  • 77% developed new skills and/or strengthen existing ones, according to the Covestro survey
  • Meeting new people from a wide range of backgrounds often serves as a great opportunity for diversity training

Building Brand Awareness

The link between employee volunteering and financial performance might be difficult to quantify, but the link is clear:

  • The 2017 Social Impact Study by Cone Communication shows an increase in the number of consumers considering sustainability issues ‘very important’ before making important decisions on which stocks to invest in, and what to buy or where to shop.
  • Increasingly buyers are requiring their supply chain to document their CSR commitments as part of the tender process
  • ‘Giving Back’ in the community will develop a positive sentiment towards your brand with those you work with.

We’ve covered the qualitative benefits above, but you’re more concerned with the bottom line, we’ve also created an Employee Volunteering Calculator. Click here to work out the real cost of employee volunteering at your business.

The figures speak for themselves – there’s clearly a very strong business case for employee volunteering. If you’d like to get started with reaping the benefits at your company, book a meeting with us!

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