What charities do you work with?

The charities we work with are mostly independent, London-based charities working hard for the benefit of the service users they support.

We’re a charity – how do we get involved?

If you work for or know of a charity which would benefit from having employee volunteers help out with their service delivery, please contact us.

I want to volunteer – how does it work?

If you’re a volunteer, view a employee volunteering opportunity. Once you’ve decided where you want to volunteer, you can chose a date and complete your booking.

We’ll then send you a confirmation email with everything you need to know – where to go, who to report to and what to wear.

What should I wear?

The charities have different requirements of what to wear, and this is specified in the guides we sent. Usually clean, practical clothing is absolutely fine.

In the cases of charities where you’ll be completing manual work (i.e. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park), you’ll need to bring shoes with a closed toe, trousers and a top with long sleeves or you might not be able to volunteer!

If I encounter an issue while volunteering, what should I do?

We choose our volunteering opportunities with great care to ensure our volunteers can make a valuable contribution while having a rewarding and enjoyable time.

However, some of our charities work with vulnerable service users which can pose challenging situations. If you encounter an issue while volunteering, report it immediately to a staff member at the charity or if this is not possible call the Benefacto team on 07752 145 246 or 07871 615 118.

I’ve signed up but not received my confirmation email

We will always send a confirmation email or in the unlikely eventuality we’ve had trouble organising your volunteering we will get in touch with you to discuss.

If you haven’t got a confirmation email please double-check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, please email