Employee Volunteering News: 22/05/15

Ben Darlington | 22 May 15

Employee Volunteering this Week: 22/05/15

  • Wales best in UK for staff involvement in volunteering programs. Wales Online
  • Hockey, Beer and … the ROI of Corporate Volunteering? Realized Worth
  • Business Charity Awards 2015: Employee Engagement – Lloyds Banking. Third Sector
  • Southerly CEO: I know how good volunteering is for staff morale. CSRSuzy
  • The charity team building day: reality or urban myth? LucyInnovation
  • Volunteering is vital for talent development says Fedex boss.


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Ben Darlington looks after new partnerships and possibilities at Benefacto. He has been involved with the project since its inception back in 2012, building the website and developing the graphic design. He is always looking for ways for charities, businesses and social enterprises to work together. If you'd like to work with Benefacto talk to Ben at

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