FCA Ellie Matthewman helps sort food for Emergency Food Parcels at Kensington & Chelsea Food Bank

Linz Darlington | 11 November 14

My team volunteered for a 4-hour shift at the Kensington and Chelsea Food bank in St. Luke’s Church, London. On arrival, we were given a warm and friendly welcome.

We spent the afternoon sorting through donated food from a recent food drive at a local Tesco. The food had to be grouped not only by type, but also by expiry date. We worked hard as a team to complete the task as efficiently as we could and on completion we were made to feel appreciated for the effort we put in.

It was also interesting to see the journey the food takes after being donated. I would recommend this to anyone looking to volunteer.

Eleanor Mathewman, FCA volunteer for Kensington and Chelsea Foodbank

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Linz Darlington was inspired to start Benefacto when he worked as a management consultant for Accenture. With three paid days off a year to spend volunteering, he had a tough time choosing a local charity where his skills could make a real impact. These days he spends his life matching talented professionals with amazing charities. Contact Linz via

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