GivX: benchmarking against other companies in your sector

The more companies take part in GivX, the more useful it becomes for everyone involved. A record number of GivX 2019 entrants meant we were able to give you a more insightful annual report as well as more prestigious awards to recognise your hard work. But there’s another big benefit to GivX’s growing popularity which is waiting to be used on your GivX account: sector benchmarks.

GivX’s sector benchmarks show the median scores of what competitors in your sector are giving through volunteering and donations. We were able to almost double the amount of sector specific benchmarks available this year, so there’s a good chance your sector is included.


Viewing your community investment in the context of your sector can help you plan where to focus your efforts in the coming year.

Each industry has types of giving which they are more likely to be good at because of the resources typically available to them. For example: real estate companies often score highly for in-kind donations, as they are able to give free office space to charities.

The sector benchmarks will give you a clear picture of these strengths.

Seeing how you compare to companies with similar skillsets and assets will highlight how well you are doing in the context of your sector. It’ll give you a better idea of where your strengths lie and where there is room for improvement.


Not everyone ‘gets’ community investment, but everyone understands competition. Comparison to competitors gives you a powerful, easily communicable message which colleagues will instantly understand.

Use this to your advantage by showing where your competition is out-performing you and get buy-in for more exciting projects at your organisation. 

View your benchmarks

Here’s how to view the 2019 benchmarks through the GivX portal:

1. Head over to and enter your login details

2. Click on the GivX tile

3. View the sector benchmarks by choosing your sector from the “Benchmark” drop-down menu

If you have any questions about your GivX score this year, or if you are interested in taking part next year, please get in touch with Benefacto’s Doug Chang (

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