New Client: Civil Aviation Authority

Doug Chang | 14 April 16

Benefacto are one step closer to volunteering Valhalla! The first pioneering Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) employees have already started placing bookings to work with our charities in London. Needless to say, Team Benefacto are over the moon to welcome our second non-governmental public body to the party.

The CAA are a regulatory body whose role is to keep people safe and happy whilst in the air. They ensure the public have choice, value for money and are treated fairly when they fly, all whilst checking the aviation industry meets safety standards and managing security risks. They’re our very own guardians of the sky.

With the Financial Conduct Authority as one of our oldest friends and things are going swimmingly with recent joiner the Department for Energy and Climate Change, it would seem that the floodgates have opened for governmental and public bodies to join Benefacto.

David Cameron’s 3 day volunteering policy is firmly on the agenda and the CAA are doing well to stay ahead of the curve with their community investment policy. Employees now have the opportunity to help a wide range of charities and play an active role in their local community at the click of a button. But this isn’t just great news for the CAA and Benefacto. Our charities can look forward to more helping hands with their vital work supporting those who need it most.

To find out more about the different types of businesses we work with, and how Benefacto can help your company, get in touch.

Doug is a mechanical engineering graduate with a background in working in the not-for-profit sector. He finds new potential clients, takes care of our marketing strategies and helps to encourage volunteer participation within companies. Doug wants to help spread the volunteering spirit and enable people to have a worthwhile and exciting experience every time they volunteer.

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