MJ Mapp

New Client: MJ Mapp

Doug Chang | 26 May 16

We are delighted to announce that property management company MJ Mapp have officially made their way onto Benefacto’s books (and into our hearts!).

With a steady flow of enthusiastic volunteers and a website that I can’t stop looking at, this real estate company are sure to add more glide to the Benefacto stride. Charities have been welcoming MJ Mapp’s volunteers since April and we are looking forward to seeing our opportunities become hot property over the summer period!

Doug is a mechanical engineering graduate with a background in working in the not-for-profit sector. He finds new potential clients, takes care of our marketing strategies and helps to encourage volunteer participation within companies. Doug wants to help spread the volunteering spirit and enable people to have a worthwhile and exciting experience every time they volunteer.

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