Sandra cheerfully serves up tea, toast and ice cream at WLCHC

Linz Darlington | 11 November 14

I volunteered for the day with WLCHC, West London Churches Homeless Concern. They use Chelsea Methodist Church on the Kings Road (amongst others) as a day care centre open for homeless people and support over 100 service users per day.

It was a fantastic day and the team I worked with were truly great! I spent the day serving breakfast and then later lunch, and mingling with all the guests. It was so nice meeting new people and learning new things, I definitely realised some new skills on the day and made some new amazing friends!

Sandra, FCA volunteer for West London Churches Homeless Concern

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Linz Darlington was inspired to start Benefacto when he worked as a management consultant for Accenture. With three paid days off a year to spend volunteering, he had a tough time choosing a local charity where his skills could make a real impact. These days he spends his life matching talented professionals with amazing charities. Contact Linz via

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