DataHub Terms

These terms apply to DataHub, as defined here.

When Do These Terms Apply?

These Terms apply to DataHub in addition to the general Terms and apply when you are taking out a new DataHub trial or a paid DataHub membership.

They do not apply if you are using the DataHub Silver membership included in your VolunteerHub package.

Trialling A DataHub Membership

It is possible to trial DataHub prior to agreeing to a full DataHub membership.

Trial Duration

If you are taking out a new trial, it will last for 14 days from the date you take out the trial.

What Happens At The End Of The Trial Period?

Once your DataHub trial has expired, in order to continue to use the service you will need to take out a paid membership.

Membership Duration

If you are upgrading an existing DataHub membership, the upgrade will run until the end of your current membership term. If you are taking out a new DataHub membership, it will last for one year from when you make the upgrade.


The price of the DataHub membership is specified on the same page from which you accessed these terms.

If you are upgrading an existing membership the price is the difference in price between your existing membership and your new, upgraded membership, pro-rated for the number of days remaining in your current membership year.

Automatic Renewal: Your DataHub membership will automatically renew on the day your current membership ends. If you wish to cancel your DataHub membership, please confirm as such before the last day of your existing membership.

Invoicing: We will invoice you 30 – 60 days in advance of your membership ending, due on the date of your membership renewal.

Data Protection

We collect and use personal data to provide relevant services. You can find more details in our Terms including Data Protection Terms and our Privacy Policy.