Three reasons to enter GivX even if you’re anticipating a lower score

Between 2017 and 2018, the London office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges saw a reduction in pro bono volunteering hours. When it came to submitting data for GivX 2018, Rob Powell, Head of Pro Bono & CR, knew this would significantly dent their overall GivX score.

Despite this, Weil still entered. You can compare their scores in the GivX Reports for 2017 and 2018.

We spoke to Rob about why a lower GivX score didn’t deter Weil from taking part and why he would encourage others to do the same.

Continuous data: the key to understanding trends

Year-on-year GivX scores show the evolution of your community investment programme. They are invaluable for analysing long-term trends. Put simply, continuous data helps you to understand the bigger picture. As Rob says,

“external reporting is all about consistency. There is no doubt that you get more value and insight by doing it every year. Although we were coming off the back of a record year previously, a dip in hours in 2017 hurt. But it’s important to turn up in all weathers and not just when it’s sunny!”

It’s unsustainable and unrealistic to expect continuous growth in every aspect of your community investment. Rob continues,

“fluctuation is natural and useful – we learn lessons and improve. Use the data from a fallow year to take stock, re-group and strategise.”

Use lower scores to get more buy-in

As the custodian of your community investment programme, you will already know what is causing your firm to give less than before. However, GivX provides quantitative evidence to complement the internal context, a winning combination when you want to win hearts and minds and initiate change. For Rob it’s win-win:

“If your score is improved, it’s time for celebration. If you get a lower score, you can take this back to colleagues, and use it as leverage to shake things up or secure additional budget, resource or headcount.”

Rob used Weil London’s 2018 score get buy-in to develop a new Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion strategy, including a series of new initiatives. Weil London now has a new-look strategy which is set to score highly in 2019.

Transparency and effective giving in community investment

GivX’s ultimate aim is to encourage and support more organisations to give effectively. Each year, companies come together to contribute to a larger dataset which forms a current picture of giving trends in the UK.

To support this vision, Rob wants take part irrespective of whether they get a low or high score.

“For me personally, being open with data generally fits the whole ethos of why the CR profession exists. Our roles are all about encouraging honesty, openness and integrity, and we’re doing just that by taking part in GivX”

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